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Group Work Made Simple

Enhance academic and social engagement with streamlined group work, saving you time and energy while increasing student wellbeing.

Study Group

Used by 20,000 students across 150 educations in 3 countries

Educators’ stories

Higher education Group work
“For the first time, I managed to have groups of the same size (as all the active students filled out the questions) and the groups worked really well. It also meant that I could concentrate on preparing the teaching and interacting with the students about the academic content instead of being preoccupied with making the groups"

Helle Alsted Søndergaard


Enhanced understanding

92% of students said the work in their groups helped them understand the curriculum.

Social benefits

90% of students agreed that their groups worked well socially.

Reduced dropout rates

Educations using unihelper have experienced a 80% reduce in dropout rate.

Unihelper Student engagement

Proven impact on engagement and wellbeing

Enhanced understanding and engagement

Improved sense of belonging and community

Reduced dropout rates

Group Work Made Simple

Based on our experiences from creating more than 3,000 groups, we have developed a simple, effective, and flexible way of creating all types of groups within Higher Education.


Easy Self Setup for educators


Collecting in-depth data to connect students


Algorithm Analyzing and Building Optimal Groups


Intuitive User Portal and Administer Groups


Deep Insights for Support, Evaluation, Assessment, and Reallocation

Students’ experiences

Unihelper Group
“As a newly enrolled international student, UniHelper's system introduced me to a diverse group of students that not only helped my academic success, but also helped me grow as a person.”

Nikolett Fazekas

Innovation Management

Easy to get started


Unihelper is designed to be easily implemented and used by you, as it does not require integration with existing systems. Our service works 100% in the cloud, which means you can get started quickly without the need for involvement from your IT department.

Easy to setup

Our service offers a customized solution that considers all needs regarding group creation. This means you have full control over the entire process and do not need to make any changes for the solution to work effectively.


We know that everyone has different experiences and purposes of the groups. This is why we have created a very flexible solution that facilitates all sorts of group work and collaboration, such as online projects, exams, mentorship, assessment, reading and study groups, etc.

Group 9251 (1).png
Higher education Group work


Reduces the administrative load for the Staff

Improves student experience and wellbeing

Improve student belonging and engagement

Reducing dropout rates

Professionalization of the group formation process

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